In an interview with ABC News on Sunday, Vice-President, Mike Pence, stated emphatically that President Donald Trump, who canceled plans to visit an African-American museum while President-elect, unquestionably does not support efforts by conservative Republicans to overturn former President Barack Obama's anti-LGBT discrimination executive order. Executive Order 11478, which Obama issued in July 2014, prohibits federal contractors from discriminating against people who are among the LGBTQ demographic.

No room for prejudice

Pence continued his comments, stating that Trump will uphold Obama's Executive order.

Vander Plaats, of the conservative group "The Family Leader," stated that so far as The Family Leader is concerned, overturning Executive Order 11478 is a matter of "religious liberty." However, Pence, who was trying to "double down" on his statement that Trump is committed to upholding the rights of the lgbtq community, stated, "Discrimination would have no place in our administration," (Daily Mail UK, 2/6/17).

Pence did not mention Trump's executive order banning Muslims from entering the United States. Pence also did not mention the litany of misogynistic statements that Trump made while campaigning for the presidency, or the fact that Trump got into a "Twitter feud" with Georgia Congressman and renowned civil rights leader John Lewis, (D), and then canceled his scheduled visit to an African-American museum at the Smithsonian on Martin Luther King Day, (1/16/17).

First GOP nominee to mention the LGBTQ Community

Pence also told ABC News that Trump was "the very first Republican nominee to mention the LGBTQ community," (Daily Mail UK, 1-6-17). Pence made it clear that as he sees it, there have been no inconsistencies in Trump's positions on LGBTQ anti-discrimination policies. Pence stated that Trump was applauded for his position and that he "was there applauding with him," (Daily Mail, 1-6-17).

Chelsea Clinton berates Kellyanne Conway

Meanwhile, former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton berated Kellyanne Conway on Twitter for referencing a non-existent "Bowling Green Massacre" in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Conway stated that she had "misspoken" when she made that statement, and that she meant to say, "Bowling Green terrorists," in reference to the high number of Muslim immigrants who live in that community. Clinton tweeted one request to Conway: "Please don't make up attacks," (ABC News, 2/3/17).