President-elect Donald Trump has canceled plans to visit the Smithsonian Institution's African-American Museum in Washington, D.C. on Monday in commemoration of Martin Luther King's birthday. The cancelation comes in the wake of a war of words between Trump and famed civil rights icon, Congressman John Lewis, (D, Ga.), after Lewis stated that he was not going to attend Trump's inauguration because he does not consider Trump to be "a legitimate president." Trump then set off a firestorm of tweets in which he alleged that Lewis was "all talk talk talk - no action or results," (ABC News, 1-15-17).

Lewis' ties to 1960's Civil Rights Movement

John Lewis' iconic role in the Civil Rights Movement dates back to the days of Martin Luther King. He was one of the activists beaten in the Edmund Pettus Bridge March in Selma, Alabama in 1965. Lewis has been a civil rights activist in Congress since 1987. In June 2016, Lewis led a group of Democratic members of Congress in a "sit down" on the House Floor to protest the fact that Congress had not passed any gun control legislation.

Throughout his tenure in Congress, Lewis has been looked up to as an iconic symbol of the Civil Rights Movement and the struggle for human rights for all oppressed Americans. This has become a matter of even more media attention over the last year and a half because of the Trump presidential candidacy and the racial divide that has ensued as a result of it, i.e., calling Hispanic immigrants criminals, calling for banning Muslim immigrants to the United States, and stating that African-Americans have not mobilized economically, socially, and politically in America.

In addition, Trump has had his issues with women, beginning with FOX reporter Megyn Kelly, who he called a "bimbo." He called Rosie O'Donnell a "pig." He stated in a tweet that Bette Midler has an "ugly" face and body, and he recently described Meryl Streep as a "Hillary flunky who lost big," (ABC News, 1-9-17).

Trump to visit African-American museum "sometime"

Sources close to Trump have promised that he will visit the African-American Museum "sometime," but have given no indication as to when, or under what conditions, that might be. The sources also have not indicated whether or not Trump will make any effort to mend fences with Lewis, or to reach out to other African-American leaders across America.

Trump talks tough on North Korea

Meanwhile, Trump has had some "tough talk" for North Korea's dictator Kim Jong-un, telling him that his threat to test a nuclear weapon that can reach the United States "won't happen." Trump, who has no experience in public service, the military, foreign affairs, or with weapons systems, gave no explanation for his self-confidence that he will be able to block any and all attempts by North Korea to escalate its nuclear capability. When questioned on the matter, the incoming president simply stated that he "knows more" because he has attended classified briefings.