troy ave is in some big trouble. The Rapper may be causing even more trouble for himself through his clothing decisions at a pivotal juncture in his life. When most people have a court appearance, they wear a suit and look as presentable and professional as possible. In Troy Ave's case, he showed up wearing a bulletproof vest and a Donald Trump-inspired hat that made him look like a walking advertisement for crack cocaine.

The wardrobe

The first striking decision Troy Ave chose to make was wearing a floor-length fur coat, almost as a means of flashing his immaculate wealth in court.

Underneath that was a bulletproof vest -- perhaps a logical decision, since gunfire is what put him in the legal system in the first place. People are after him, and even though a court isn't a likely location for gunfire, he knows to protect himself.

The most insane thing Troy Ave decided to throw on, though, was a red cap modeled after the ones Donald Trump made famous during his presidential campaign. His said, "Bake Water Whip Weight Again," a reference to the process of cooking crack cocaine. When entering a court, a reference to drug creation/use/selling seems like a relatively poor decision.

Why Troy Ave was in court

His court appearance stems from from an incident that occurred almost a year ago.

Back in May, there was a shooting at a T.I. concert in Irving Plaza. The gunfire resulted in the death of Ronald McPhatter, a bodyguard for Troy Ave. He was arrested on charges of attempted murder for the incident.

That isn't the only gun-related incident Troy Ave has been involved in during the previous year. On Christmas Day, the Brooklyn rapper was shot in the back of his head while sitting in his red Maserati in the heart of the borough.

His girlfriend, also in the car, was unharmed during the incident. Nobody ever solved that shooting, so the rapper may have to be careful during future public appearances, which have been made possible after the court allowed him to continue performing during legal proceedings.