Queens had never seen a chase like this before. It wasn't one of those foot pursuits somebody sees in a movie, with the police giving chase to a crook hopping fences. Instead, it was a Bull running rampant throughout the New York City suburb, causing mayhem along the way. Sadly, the ending was not the one everyone had hoped for.

Bull chase

Shortly after 10:00 AM, the first call came in from Jamaica, Queens. An animal - which was incorrectly referred to as a cow throughout the morning - made an escape from Aziz Slaughter House on Beaver Road. As soon as the bull was off the property, frantic 911 calls were coming in to the police about a scary animal on the loose, pinning the first major location on Archer Avenue, right by a crowded train station.

After the police reached the bull, they shot it with tranquilizer darts, meant to put the animal to sleep. Instead, it had the opposite effect, causing the bull to continue roaming the streets of Queens with reckless abandon. Granted, this was not he most exciting police pursuit of all-time: a cruiser was quietly rolling behind the erratic, but slow bull throughout the morning.

Tragic ending

The police finally cornered the bull on Marsden Street, only for it to escape from their grasp once again. The animal was apparently tired from the morning run, though, and came to rest near the intersection of 158th Street and 116th Avenue just after noon. At that point, the Queens authorities captured the escaped animal and brought it to a shelter in East New York, Brooklyn.

From there, an animal sanctuary in New Jersey vowed to take the bull off the hands of the authorities and help it avoid its scheduled slaughter. That time never came to pass, though. Whether it was the effect of the tranquilizers sinking in or something else, the animal tragically passed away while waiting for its transport to New Jersey. While the animal's death was tragic, he went out like a cult hero, strolling across Queens in a manner most people only dream of on their way to work.