In late January, #DeleteShopify began popping up in social media.

#Shopify, the software service that online vendors use to sell their wares, isn't supposed to be noticed since it's behind-the-scenes digital infrastructure used to help digital sellers run their stores.

But it runs behind the scenes of #Breitbart, the far right news outlet, once edited by Steve Bannon, that has an online store.

Online activism hits out where it hurts

When activists exposed the link between the two businesses, they called on store holders to block #Shopify for what they claim is its validation of the far-right site and its racist and conservative beliefs.

Just as the #DeleteUber campaign triggered CEO Travis Kalanick to resign from President Trump’s financial advisory committee (which was a very big outcome for a very swift boycott) protestors think that a hashtag boycott will similarly undermine Breitbart's significant revenue source.

It seems that every day there is another new #boycott. Which is not surprising since Trump and his ally's businesses are far reaching.