Kellyanne Conway is no longer welcomed on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe." Co-host Mika Brzezinski made the statement that she refuses to book President Trump's counselor again. Co-host Joe Scarborough agrees with Brzezinski. They claim that every time they have heard her speak, she says something that is not true and she expects people to believe it. Both co-hosts agree that Conway is no longer credible.


Conway has been characterized as booking herself to appear as a guest on news shows. Mika Brzezinski says she knows for sure that Conway booked herself on "Morning Joe." Mika insists it won't happen again.

“Morning Joe” hosts described Conway as one who wants attention. Both co-hosts say she texts television producers and invites herself on their programs. When they let her appear as a guest, she doesn't speak the truth because she doesn't know what's going on in the White House.

Scarborough says Conway doesn't attend any of the key meetings. So when she books herself on the air, she says just anything. "Morning Joe" is not the only show that has banned the 50-year-old counselor to the president. CNN refused to put her on its Sunday political talk show earlier this month.

Conway said she turned down the position of being the White House press secretary because she wanted fewer television appearances, but she tries to appear on as many news programs as she can.

She is still being used as the White House spokesperson, and she seems to love it. It wouldn't be so bad if she was more informed and spoke the truth.

Credibility questioned

In just a month into her new position, Conway has been involved in a series of controversies. She coined the phrase "alternative facts" to defend untruths.

To further her argument, she mentioned the Bowling Green massacre. The mother of four children used the White House to advertise Ivanka Trump's fashions. For those reasons, her credibility has been questioned. More and more news programs are refusing to book her for upcoming interviews. If she doesn't change, the public might see less and less of her.