Is it possible President Donald Trump does not like living at the White House? The POTUS is reportedly struggling to adjust to his new life in the White House. The Axios' Mike Allen's latest newsletter reveals that a Trump adviser has claimed Donald is currently experience “cabin fever” with his new life at the White House.

The POTUS is suffering from cabin fever symptoms

The adviser claims Trump is experiencing headaches and is becoming increasingly frustrated that he cannot spend his evenings dining at restaurants near the Trump Tower in his old neighborhood as the POTUS had become accustomed to doing.

What is living at the White House like?

While it might be surprising to hear, Donald Trump wouldn’t be the first president to dislike living at the White House. President Harry S. Truman described it as “living in a glamorous prison.” Julie Nixon Eisenhower revealed the president experiences a great deal of isolation while living there. Nancy Reagan even claimed the First Lady and POTUS were required to pay bills for meals and incidentals such as toiletries and cleaning products used inside of the White House.

Trump is struggling to control his spending as well

Compared to Obama, Trump is also costing taxpayer’s a lot of money when it comes to his travel expenses and family vacations. During each of his eight years Barack spent roughly $12.1 million in taxpayer’s money on travel expenses.

Trump has managed to spend just shy of what Barack spent in an entire year in his first month as POTUS.

With his three trips to visit his Mar-a-Lago club in Florida and his sons’ business trips, Donald has spent roughly $11.3 million since his inauguration. The cost of secret service agents and other protective measures is factored into this cost.

Donald Trump complained when Obama spent less money than he has

Perhaps the hardest pill to swallow is that Donald Trump complained about how much money Barack spent on vacations while he was president multiple times on Twitter. After complaining about how much money the previous POTUS spent, Trump is setting himself up to spend 12 times as much as Obama if what he spent during his first month ends up being his average monthly travel expenses.