The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that the consensus among top Trump advisers for a replacement for Michael Flynn as national security adviser has fallen on John Bolton, that great mustache attached to a man was once George W. Bush’s controversial UN ambassador and is a fixture on Fox News. Bolton seems to be a favorite among Flynn supporters who have remained behind and are still smarting because of his abrupt firing.

On one level, Bolton is one of the most qualified for the job than just about every candidate, with an in-depth knowledge of foreign policy and national security issues.

He also knows how the levers of power work which would grant him an unusual ability to make things happen to his liking.

On the other hand, Bolton’s views about Russia and Vladimir Putin remain at odds with those of President Donald Trump. He is a great skeptic of any prospect of a détente with Russia so long as Putin is in charge and is carrying out imperialist adventures. But he will not be unique in the Trump administration where Russia is concerned. Secretary of Defense Matthis is also dubious that friendly relations are possible with Putin’s Russia.

However, congressional Democrats will be the most incandescent in their opposition to Bolton in any government job. President George W. Bush failed to secure the consent of the Senate for the nomination of Bolton to be UN Ambassador, thanks to a Democratic filibuster.

Bush made a recess appointment, which resulted in Bolton’s serving for just over one year, from August 2005 to December 2006.

Among Republicans, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky is opposed to Bolton while, based on history, Sen John McCain, R-Arizona would likely support him. The support or opposition to Bolton is a matter of minor concern since the post of National Security Adviser is not subject to Senate confirmation.

Bolton could serve the very next day after he accepts Trump’s appointment.

Of course, Bolton is not a lock on the job. The president is interviewing other candidates, though it seems that the other high profile possibility, General David Petraeus is out of the running, owing to his criminal conviction due to his mishandling of classified material. But it is clear that Bolton is the most qualified by experience and knowledge,