Melania Trump has been the First Lady of the United States for a couple of weeks now, but to say that she's been keeping a low profile since the inauguration might be an understatement. It is more like Melania has been under wraps since stepping into her role.

Steps out avoiding protestors

Monday night Melania was seen stepping out of her Trump Tower home dressed for the cold New York City night air in an ivory-colored coat and nude pumps. People protesting Trump's temporary ban on immigrants has taken on a life all of its own. The protesters lined Mahattan's East Village, which is south of Melania's home, so she was able to skirt the angry crowd on her way out, according to Inside Edition.

It is not known where Melania went on her outing.

Posts to fill

Besides hiring long-time friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff as her senior adviser, Melania hasn't filled the other posts, which are top positions to the first lady. Melania looked absolutely gorgeous and presented as the epitome of gracefulness at the inauguration and all the events surrounding her husband's big day. That wasn't the only way the media presented Melania and she's been in the headlines non-stop since her husband moved into the White House.

Media was relentless

A clip of Melania smiling and then instantly turning that smile into a frown as soon as Donald Trump turned away has saturated the media.

The speculation around this one moment in time has gone from people suggesting problems in their marriage to Melania not being happy with her new lot in life.

That frown could have been nothing more than Melania trying to hold in a burp or an expression caused by breaking a nail, but still it became a theme tagging Melania as an unhappy first lady.

The hashtag #FreeMelania was started, according to Fox News. Within no time at all the fake news was off and running.

Now immigration papers targeted

In the last couple of days a California state senator is calling for the release of Melania Trump's immigration documents. Melania hasn't done a thing to anyone, yet because Trump put the temporary ban into place, she is being scrutinized.

Now the streets in New York City are filled with angry protesters who are outraged over the temporary ban that Trump put in place as his attempt to keep America a safer place for its citizens. Melania has to avoid this crowd just to go anywhere. The First Lady is under a microscope along with having to endure rather mean things said about her in the media.

Melania under a microscope

With all that First Lady Melania Trump has experienced in her first few weeks in her new role, you can't blame her for opting to stay under wraps and out of the public eye. It is not known when she will head to the White House again to visit her husband, as he seems to be working around the clock fulfilling the promises he made to the voters.