Melania Trump appeared to be rejected twice by her husband when it came to holding hands as they walked on the tarmac at Palm Beach International Airport on Friday. Patti Wood, a body language expert analyzed the president's behavior and claims that Donald Trump didn't view the affectionate gesture as presidential.

President Trump setting a new tone with wife?

Melania was seen for the first time with her husband since the inauguration when they landed in Florida on Friday to spend the weekend at Mar-a-Lago. The first lady wore a $2,000 cape dress and flats when she accompanied her husband off Air Force One.

When the pair were waving to the crowd, Melania Trump reached for her husband's hand, but he let go of it when he was acknowledging supporters. When she tried a second time to hold his hand, President Trump subtly released the grip before tapping Melania's hand so that he could clap along with everyone who was happy to see him. He proceeded to walk slightly in front of his wife and a body language expert assessed that the president is wanting to appear as an "alpha president."

Wood revealed that hand-holding is "typically" seen as a couple expressing themselves as a "unit," but Trump wants to be seen as a "president on my own" and that he wants to be "just the powerful me."

The body language expert went on to explain that Melania Trump reached first and with her husband breaking first, it communicates that the president wants to be in full control of the situation.

Wood says the probably hold hands in private and there's a unit factor there no one else is seeing in public.

Huge changes for any marriage

The analysis of Melania Trump and the hand-holding situation amounts to sheer speculation. The president is adjusting to his new life as President of the United States and the first two weeks have been a sea of chaos at the White House.

Melania is still living in New York City with their 10-year-old son, Barron, until he finishes school in June. She hasn't been in Washington, D.C. amid the acrimonious battles that Trump is dealing with. She is, however, acclimating to considerable changes herself with Secret Service protection, raising her son in a more glaring light, and facing the reality that she'll have high profile role as the country's first lady.

The president and Melania Trump will be closely watched each and every time they get together publicly. Divorce rumors have already followed them and continue. Will they survive this enormous challenge?