Donald and Melania Trump don't show off a lot of PDA, but holding hands isn't a big deal. Now Daily Mail is sharing that it looks like Melania was trying to hold Donald's hand and he didn't want to do it. These pictures have everyone talking now.

What was going on between Melania and Donald?

On Friday, Melania and Donald were seen on the tarmac of the Palm Beach International Airport. They seemed to be happy, but she reached for his hand and then he didn't seem to want to hold it at all. A body language expert explained that it was because Donald wants to be seen as a presidential alpha.

When they first got off the plane, they were holding hands, but it didn't last for long.

Donald quit holding her hand after the first time so that he could actually clap along with the people who were clapping. Later she tried to hold his hand, and he patted it, but then didn't hold it. Everyone could tell it was obvious that he didn't want to hold hands with her, but this simply could have been because of how he felt about being seen and nothing weird going on his marriage. So far, it seems like Donald and Melania Trump are doing just fine even though they aren't together all the time due to circumstances.

This was actually the first time that the couple had been seen together in a couple of weeks.

They did kiss at one point, though. Melania has been staying in New York so that their 10-year-old son can go to school.

Expert Patti Wood feels like they were not holding hands because it wasn't what Donald wants and that he will do it in private, but he doesn't want to in public and was showing her that he was in charge of the situation.

Patti has even written a book on body language and obviously understands how to read it. Everyone is going to be watching Donald and Melania's every move the entire time he is President, so he better get used to it.

Why do you think that Donald Trump didn't want to hold Melania's hand? Do you think that everything is fine in their marriage? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.