Neilson Rizzuto, 25, should not have been driving at all, especially into a crowded parade during Mardi Gras. new orleans police said when they used a breathalyzer on Rizzuto, he had a .232% blood-alcohol level, which is three times the legal limit in Louisiana. Rizzuto has now been charged with two counts of first-degree vehicular negligence for the incident, along with one count each of hit-and-run driving and reckless operation. According to police, he may face even more charges. CNN reports that on the webpage of the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles it states drivers aged 21 and over can be charged with driving while impaired if their blood-alcohol level is 0.08%, but Rizzuto’s was at a horrifying level of .232%.

New Orleans streets were packed with revelers for the Endymion parade

As reported on Blasting News, the incident occurred on Saturday night, close to the intersection of Carrollton and Orleans Avenues where the Endymion parade was in full swing. Hundreds of people were crammed into the street along with many children. Among the 28 people injured, the oldest were reportedly in their 40s, while the youngest victim was only three years of age. According to New Orleans Police Chief Michael Harrison at the time of the incident, the suspect who drove the pickup truck first hit two cars before heading into the crowd at the parade and he appeared to be highly intoxicated.

None of the injuries were life-threatening

According to a report by The Advocate, it was fortunate that none of the injuries were life-threatening. However 21 people did need to be hospitalized, with five in a more serious condition.

One female police officer, on duty at the parade, was also hospitalized. Reportedly seven other victims declined medical treatment. Harrison said some of the bystanders at the event, who were reportedly visitors to New Orleans, helped first responders care for the injured until ambulances arrived on the scene. Harrison also said at the time of the incident that there was no sign this was an act of terrorism.

It certainly could have been worse, as the Endymion parade is one of the most popular parades held in New Orleans in the run up to Mardi Gras, which is on Tuesday this week. It is also among the most family-oriented events and many people brought their children with them.