For the most part, Americans have been pretty open and honest regarding how they feel about the current POTUS. Most are either delighted Donald Trump is president or enraged by it. There isn’t really a grey area. The question is – what do other parts of the world think?

As most know all too well, Donald Trump is not shy when it comes to talking about North Korea. The question is – how do they feel about him and everything he has to say? Reporters from CNN decided to spend some time at a park in a residential neighborhood located in Pyongyang in order to ask locals just that.

It wasn’t easy getting people to talk to American reporters

The CNN reporters had to put a fair amount of effort into getting the locals to talk to them about their feelings for Donald Trump. Unfortunately, they were not always successful as many North Koreans were not comfortable – or easily persuaded – to open up to an American reporter.

Access to outside information is limited

In Kim Jong Un's government, access to outside information is very limited. In fact, the government very carefully manages the messages the 24 million citizens of North Korea receive. For this reason, most of the locals the CNN reporters were able to talk to knew who Donald Trump was, but didn’t really know much about the controversies surrounding him.

They also didn’t really care

For the most part, the CNN reporters also discovered the North Korean locals they spoke to didn’t really care who the current POTUS was. Most claimed not to care who was in power in the United States or that they didn’t really follow U.S. politics. One local the reporters spoke to even said they thought it’d be a good idea for Trump to meet and talk to their own great leader.

How do other parts of the world feel?

In Russia, Trump becoming POTUS is a domestic win for Putin. Per CNN, Russia is “beyond satisfied” with the way things turned out. Donald becoming president may have not been in Mexico’s best interest as a large portion of his entire campaign was his promise to build a wall along the Mexican border.

President Enrique Peña Nieto did invite Trump to Mexico, but Trump moved forward with plans to build his wall merely hours after the meeting.

Trump becoming President was a huge sigh of relief for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During Obama’s presidency, he endured a lot of tension and hostility. In India, however, locals are filled with distress and anxiety. Will Trump continue to improve the relationship the U.S. has with India?

While some appear to be a little uneasy about President Donald Trump, most appear to care less who is in charge of the United States – other than Americans, of course.