One of the biggest stories over the weekend were the comments made by President Donald Trump in reference to an alleged terrorist attack in Sweden. After it was quickly revealed that no such attack took place, Trump was hammered by the media, much to the chagrin of Fox News.

Fox News on Trump

On Saturday night, Donald Trump made his way to the Sunshine State to kick off his third weekend getaway away from the White House in just his first month in office. As part of his time in Florida, Trump held a rally in Melbourne where nearly 9,000 supporters were in attendance to cheer on the new commander in chief.

During his speech, the former host of "The Apprentice" cited a nonexistent terror attack in Sweden, stating, "When you look at what's happening last night in Sweden...Sweden!," Trump said, before pointing to the increase of immigration into the country. After his comments were debunked, the president took to Twitter and attempted to clarify his remarks by referencing a report he watched on Fox News the night before. As reported on February 20, Fox News is coming to Trump's defense.

(Carlson's comments on the media start at 5:15 in the above video)

Joining the "Fox and Friends" crew on Monday morning was fellow Fox News host Tucker Carlson. It was Carlson who ran the report that Donald Trump cited in his defense of his remarks on Sweden, and the network appeared to come to his aide.

While Carlson agreed that the president should "be precise in what he says," he also noted that "we may be missing the point" in regards to the issue of mass migration and refugees into Europe.

Co-host Steve Doocy also hit back, calling the media reaction to Trump's comments as "crazy," stating, "They missed the point.

There’s trouble in Sweden." In response, Carlson agreed, doubling down on the criticism of how other networks handled the story. After a video montage of other networks reporting on the Sweden remarks was played, Carlson said it was "so stupid that it’s hard to believe that it made it on television."

Trump responds

After over 24 hours of ridicule and mockery about his remarks, Donald Trump attempted to clarify his statement with a tweet on Sunday night where he cited the aforementioned Fox News story.

On Monday morning, the former host of "The Apprentice" returned to Twitter, this time following the lead of Tucker Carlson and Steve Doocy by blasting the "fake news" media for taking his comments out of context.