Two 12-year-old Texas boys are being called heroes after saving a four-year-old girl with autism who had fallen into a creek.

Police in Roman Forest, a tiny community about 40 miles northeast of Houston, say the boys pulled the girl out of Peach Creek after she had fallen in on Thursday evening. Houston media outlets report the boys were riding their bikes near the creek when the girl, while trying to swing on a tree limb, fell into the creek. Police say one boy pulled the girl out of the water while the other assisted.

"The two 12 year-old boys who saved this girl are heroes in the eyes of RFPD.

Thank you for your quick action," police said in a Facebook posting announcing the rescue.

Girl fell into creek while trying to swing on tree limb

Roman Forest Police Chief Stephen Carlisle told Houston television station ABC-13 that the girl, identified as “Melodie,” apparently fell into the creek while playing at its edge.

“She tried to swing on a limb. She fell in the water and she looked like was drowning,” Carlisle told the station. “So one of the boys pulled her out of the water, and the other one assisted.”

Social media postings led to reunion with girl's mother

The boys, police have only identified by their first names of Markuise and Cameron, waved down a man nearby, who called 911 and wrapped Melodie in jackets to try to warm her up after her ordeal.

When emergency crews arrived she was taken to a local hospital to be checked for injuries. Police initially didn't know who the little girl was, who her parents were, or how she had ended up at the side of the creek. So they posted her photo on social media seeking help in identifying her. The postings led to a joyous reunion with her mother and stepfather.

“She’s got autism, and we just found out about it,” her mother, Melissa Maddox told ABC-13 after being reunited with her daughter. “She just likes to wander off and do her own thing sometimes,” Maddox said.

After the incident police said that no charges would be filed pending an investigation.