Donald Trump ignites strong emotions. The UK having opted for Brexit needs a new orientation and partners. Keeping that in mind the British Pm Theresa May became the first leader to meet Trump and immediately invited him for a state visit. Earlier presidents have been invited but Bush and Obama got the invitations after almost 800 days. No US president received an invitation in so short a time. The visit has however generated a lot of controversies and a petition signed by 1.8 million was presented to the government asking that the invitation is withdrawn.

A counter-petition asking for the visit to go on was signed only by about 300,000. The stage was thus set for parliament to discuss the state visit of Donald to the UK. Parliament can not cancel the visit but it serves as an irritant to Theresa May who has invited Donald.

Opposition to Visit

President Obama who made a state visit in 2011 also addressed the Britsh parliament. This is unlikely to happen as many MP's are opposed to the state visit of Donald. They are not against his coming but would like the pomp and glamor of a state visit to be canceled. Many feel it may compromise the queen. But people forget that the queen has played hostess to President Ceausescu of Romania and Robert Mugabe.

So a visit by Trump should not ruffle too many feathers.

The visit

A ceremonial visit is a big occasion and Trump would love it. He would also like to address both houses of parliament, but this looks remote. The mayor of London also does not want to give any importance to a Trump. The dates are not yet worked out, but Donald won't be happy at all this news about his visit.

Donald had actively supported Brexit and had mentioned that he would more than welcome a Britain once it is out of the EU.


Visits by US presidents do generate controversy and when Bush came for in 2003, thousands protested against him for starting the Iraq war. This time also, the magnitude of the signatures against his state visit there could be demonstrations against him on a host of issues like the Muslim ban.