With the recent executive gag orders signed by newly elected President Donald Trump, scientists have organized the People's Climate March on Washington set for April 29th. The mission of the March is bring climate change, scientific advancements, transparency, and funding to the forefront of politics. Trump and his administration are well known for being climate change deniers and have their eyes set on federal agencies that were created to protect the environment.

Silencing science

One of the first things Trump did after being sworn into office was to sign an executive order banning several federal agencies from using social media.

These agencies included the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Parks Service. This news was not taken lightly. Millions were outraged by this blatant disregard for freedom of speech and freedom of the press, two crucial rights protected by the First Amendment. One National Park did not comply with Trump's gag order. The Badlands gained internet fame by continuing to send out climate change tweets after receiving the order. Trump took things to the next level by forcibly removing the rogue tweets and shutting down the National Parks Service's Twitter account. The Department of Agriculture has since rescinded the gag order and communications via social media inside these targeted offices has resumed.

The People's Climate Movement

On September 21, 2014, the People's Climate Movement marched at the UN Climate Summit. Over 400,000 people were in attendance. This organization has several points in their platform including reduction of greenhouse gases and pollution, climate change, transitioning to sustainable New Energy sources, human rights, and much more.

More information is coming soon about transportation -- shared buses, and carpooling. This upcoming March will be held one day before Trump's 100th day in office. After the success of last weekend's Women's March on Washington, the People's Climate March is set to be yet another historical event in the making.