Ever since Donald Trump was elected the 45th President of the United States, he's only increased his use of social media. As Trump routinely starts off his day with multiple Twitter rants, it instantly becomes headlines news, much to the chagrin of right-wing firebrand Tomi Lahren.

Tomi triggered

In the days following the election, Donald Trump spoke to CBS' "60 minutes" and vowed to become "very restrained" on social media. Despite his promise, the billionaire real estate mogul has only increased his presence on Twitter, bumping up his following to over 20 million.

Trump's three weeks in the White House has been met with heavy backlash, including over his controversial executives orders. The most controversial has been the "Muslim ban" executive order which restricts travel to and from seven different countries in the Middle East, which has resulted in the president constantly expressing his anger on Twitter. As the media continues to report on Trump's tweets, die-hard supporter and social media star, Tomi Lahren, is coming to his defense, as reported on February 9.

Kicking off her Thursday edition of "Final Thoughts" on The Blaze TV, Tomi Lahren went after the "liberal" media for concentrating too much on Donald Trump's tweets, while also bashing "snowflakes" and the political left.

"Another day, another round of mainstream media headlines solely dedicated to what Trump tweeted," Lahren said, while sarcastically adding, "awesome." "I guess that is the new mainstream definition of 'breaking news,'" she said, while saying it was disappointing to see "their bitterness and hard left tendencies seep out like this day after day after day."

Tomi Lahren continued, expressing anger that the media and more liberal news outlets were allegedly ignoring the "two million illegal immigrants living in New York and California.

Or the 11.1 million living in the United States illegally. Or Jobs. Or national security. Or energy independence. Or the debt or the deficit. Or the college campus assault on free speech."

Tomi on Trump

"President Trump can tweet whatever the heck he pleases, and if that hurts your feelings, don't follow him on Twitter!" Tomi Lahren shouted, while stating, "simple!" The popular social media star then went on to bash those boycotting Ivanka Trump's clothing line, while standing up for Kellyanne Conway after the former campaign manager came under fire for promoting the first daughter's products.

Tomi on Hollywood

In addition to her "Final Thoughts" segment, Tomi Lahren put together a mock "Academy Awards" show, titled the "Snowflake" awards. Lahren has been vocal in her criticism of Hollywood, and it appears she's taking her opposition to a new level of trolling.