Donald Trump was not happy on Saturday morning. He woke up knowing his immigration and refugee ban was facing serious challenges, most notably from federal judge James Robart, who halted the implementation of the ban across the nation on Friday. In turn, Trump decided to do what he does best -- take his anger to Twitter. He labeled Robart as a "so-called judge," which garnered a predictable result for the controversial leader -- the title of "so-called President."

Another Tweet-storm

The weapon of choice for this president has always been Twitter, dating back to his early days as a candidate for the office.

It came as no surprise that Trump would take to Twitter in opposition to the biggest blow of his presidency so far. His original full Tweet read: "The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!"

Trump went on to say that the country was in trouble if they couldn't close off their borders for safety and security reasons and that some countries in the Middle East actually agreed with the ban due to the dangers posed by people from the seven listed countries. This reaction from the president isn't particularly measured and is not a strong response for when he does not get his way, an important tenet of democracy.

'So-called president'

Proponents of Judge Robart's decision took to Twitter on Saturday to accuse Trump of being a "So-called president." The reaction was likely based in anger and derision toward the way the president treats his federal employees, but is rooted in some reality in terms of the feelings about his presidency.

People have questioned the legitimacy of the president, with voices as authoritative as Georgia congressman John Lewis.

Trump won the electoral vote by a clear margin, but actually lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by just as clear a margin. It's no wonder people would start referring to him as a "so-called president" -- to many, he doesn't have the legitimacy to represent them on the biggest stage.