OK folks, it now seems time to call a Trump a Trump. Remember when we said those are just Words, wait until we can see his Deeds? Well, the President's deeds are emerging big time. Here are a few snapshots from his first month in Washington. It works like this. Donald Trump writes out an order and splashes it about via the media he says he is at war with. People out there catch his drift and act accordingly. As we speak, ICE agents all over the country are detaining children and adults to comply with what has been judged so far an unconstitutional effort to enforce exclusion on Muslims.

Trump's Ft. Lauderdale deeds

The intrusive hand of Trump's new storm trooper corps was the son of the great American boxer, Mohammed Ali. I use the term storm troopers to advance the opinion that what they are doing is profoundly undemocratic. This is especially true when the effort Trump is making has not yet been finally decided by the courts. The president has latched onto a running sore in America, the tension between law enforcement and those regarded as potentially criminal. When the color of your skin or your general look triggers suspicion, the result can be disastrous. This approach has led in many cases to deaths that brought America, with the conspicuous exception of the President, to tears.

Donald Trump's nefarious media deeds

The attitude of Donald Trump to immigrants is similar to his recent exclusion of the media from White House press access, a deed that has been said to echo the behavior of past dictators and leaders. We live in a nation where those who fought for freedom in World War Two are receding from the scene.

It is unthinkable that they would not see a parallel between the deeds of Donald and the crimes of the very forces they were seeking to protect us from.

Where are we headed? If Donald Trump remains president, we can assume more and more dictatorial behavior.

We can assume he will say it is all to make America great. But he will be making America more and more angry to be in the hands of people who are at bottom maniacal. Jesus said we are known by our fruits. Right now we are known for the crimes that are being committed at a place near us.