In the ongoing challenge to keep medical Marijuana limited to certain patients or doctors, Hillsborough County has come up with a drafted bill that could only allow a one month window for anyone else who wants to be part of the movement. Unfortunately, this bill is in favor of seven cannabis dispensaries in Florida that are already registered with the state to provide cannabis in pill or oil form.

Short window

Given the draft discusses a one-month application period, it could close well before the Florida Health Department and lawmakers in Florida can decide on whether to expand the list of approved cannabis growers from the original seven currently registered in the state.

The bill's language states that companies who are currently registered with the state have a better advantage than those wanting to apply for the licenses during the 30-day period.

So far, more than 30 counties in Florida want to see what happens in Tallahassee before moving on what they could do about the dispensaries. Stacy White, Commissioner of the Hillsborough County medical marijuana regulation, says that Florida is still new to the way this drug should be used and therefore must put tougher restrictions or regulations in place to make sure there are no problems in cannabis growing or dispensing. Basically, she supports the tighter restrictions on the cannabis program in place.

Hindsight 20/20

While some people are in favor of the cannabis program being implemented, but others are not too happy about the tightening restrictions on medical marijuana. Advocates for medical marijuana and free market politicians say that the country is not protecting patients, it is for profit and helps those politicians that have deep pockets to connected growers currently in the process of setting up their own dispensaries.

One concern of these regulations is creating a monopoly on the cannabis program in Florida to only those seven licensed to grow and dispense medical marijuana. This could mean higher prices and less variety of cannabis.

Sen. Jeff Brandes has proposed a bill that could allow free market options for up and coming growers and dispensers who want to join the movement for medical marijuana. It could help with variety and price restrictions and would mean there is no monopoly on medical marijuana.