The tempers that republicans face as they try to pull back and replace #Obamacare is exactly the opposite of what was happening to democrats eight years ago.

Back then, Democrats' town halls turned out to be disorderly and riotous as people affiliated with the then growing #Tea Party movement had poured into local events, and expressed their hostility over then-President Obama's health care proposals. They stoked fears of rising costs and even drummed up furor over fictitious 'death panels' and chanted about the evils of the Obamacare reforms.

What a difference nearly a decade makes.

The tables have turned, and people are fighting over the opposite issues – almost diametrically – but the method of the fight is similar. This is because progressive activists have replicated #Tea Party tactics to rally awareness and opinion online. They are going about similar ways in creating action groups to alert locals so that they can protest at local events.

There was even an #indivisible guide created by former democratic staffers who had lived through the Tea Party protest and formulated similar methods. These indivisible tactics are being used by progressive activists to stir sentiment and rally the cause.

Republicans are dismissing the #indivisible groups, claiming that paid protestors are being used and that it's a false version of authentic grass roots support.

More skirmishes are expected in the coming weeks as politicians head back home this coming week for recess.