Wednesday, December 28th, was Pledge of Allegiance Day across the United States, which led me to thoughtsabout the state of our union.

What's in a pledge?

I want to highlight the most overlooked word in our expression of fealty; it comes right after the ridiculously-refuted "under God"—and that is "INDIVISIBLE."

Our personal politics get in the way of recognizing one another as fellow Americans, and that is not right. How many times do we put labels on ourselves or others? Look at how divided the United States Senate & House of Representatives are—and look at how few problems are solved & how little is accomplished because of it.

There have never been sit-in protests or mudslinging between political party members to the degree 2015 and 2016 has seen. The presidential election was a disaster.

"I told you so!"

It could not be more disheartening to see how many people are eager for President-Elect Donald Trump to make his first big mistake, so they can say, "I told you so!"

What is the use of that? Most of the nation did not vote for him, which is another story, but this is what we have now. Instead of hoping he will do a terrible job, with smirks booked and ready to display, why not hope he proves those of us whom did not vote for him wrong?

Think about one another as fellow sons and daughters under the same flag and respect one another.

Let us make our forefathers proud. Think about this before the self-righteous political posts, rants, and profile pic changes come to mind. Learn to be tolerant of each other—and optimistic.

We may not always agree with our president, or governor, or mayor, etc., but we can always pray that they do their best to shape up what they are doing wrong—or write to them suggestions on how to be better.

It is a better use of energy than whining and complaining about their performances passive-aggressively. We are all guilty of that, myself included. Let us stop fishing for "Like" button presses on social media and try to be better, smarter, more active citizens ourselves starting in 2017.

I do not know about you, but I am tired of other nations' looking upon us & seeing how divided we are & smirking down on us for our counterproductive bickering.

Now let us end all the dumb arguing. Let us take a lesson from Team USA's U20 World Junior Tournament group-clinching win earlier today, and let us show that the United States truly is a world power that functions as a cohesive team.Though it may have growing pains, 2017 is the year for positive turnaround.