A deer was set alight and left to burn alive on a roadside in Indiana. The Police are looking for more information and Fulton County Sheriff’s Department, along with conservation officials have put out the word via media that any tip-offs will be welcome.

Deer was burned alive on February 16th

WTHR cited officials as saying that the incident happened "near State Road 25 and County Road 400 North near Rochester early in the morning of February 16th." Times Union Online reported the horrifying fact that the deer had first been struck by a vehicle, then had an accelerant poured over it and it was then set alight.

The agony of the deer is terrible to contemplate and WTHR posted a very graphic and disturbing image of the deer still alive and burned before it was euthanized.

Police seek driver of vehicle that hit deer

Police are looking for the driver of the vehicle and Indiana conservation officers are also keen to find the person who set the deer on fire after it was struck by a vehicle. The known facts about the case are that the driver left the scene, but the vehicle type may be known and could lead to an arrest. Police believe the car is a blue or black General Motors model car, possibly a Camaro, Trans-Am or Firebird from the model years 1992-2002, based on parts found at the scene of the crash.

A passerby who saw the deer smoldering on the side of the road called the Sheriff's department and reported the cruel incident.

This was a nasty and extreme thing to happen to an innocent animal. Injury from the vehicle was traumatic and the suffering of then being set on fire and left to burn while alive is something that should not be ignored.

Reward offered

News media have carried the story so that if there is anyone who can help lead to the arrest of the inhumane driver, they can come forward.

WTHR published contact details as follows:

"If you have information about who struck the deer and set it on fire, call Fulton County Crime Stoppers at 1-574-223-7867 or the Indiana Conservation Officers' "Turn in a Poacher" line at 1-800-TIP-IDNR. Your tip can remain anonymous and you may be eligible for a cash reward for information leading to the arrest of a wildlife violator."