In a usually blunt Twitter attack in the wake of President Donald Trump's imposition of tough sanctions against Iran for its unauthorized missile launch, former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton vehemently attacked Trump political counselor Kellyanne Conway. Clinton, who helped her mother by trying to appeal to younger voters, referenced the Louvre attack in France, which was real, and Conway's fake "bowling green massacre." In an interview with MSNBC's Chris Matthews earlier this week, Conway mentioned a non-existent "Bowling Green Massacre" while attempting to justify Trump's Muslim immigration ban from seven countries, including Syria.

Conway's explanation of her statement

Conway made an ardent attempt to explain her reference to a non-existing Bowling Green Attack. Conway stated that she simply misspoke and that she meant to say "Bowling Green terrorists," in reference to "dozens" of terrorists who have moved to Kentucky's Bowling Green area. Among some of the terrorists who have moved to Kentucky are some Muslims. As indicated earlier, Muslims are the center of focus of a Trump Administration immigration ban from seven countries, including Syria. Conway very angrily answered Clinton's depiction of her mistaken use of the term, "Bowling Green Massacre" with an angry tweet. In that tweet, Conway admitted that she "misspoke," but also defiantly told Clinton, "You lost the election."

In Conway's tweet, she used the term, "Bosnia lie" and said that it was a "reminder" of what she described as "lies" emanating from Clinton and her mother, Hillary Clinton.

Conway then stated that neither Clinton nor her mother can "invent quality candidates," (ABC News, 2/3/17).

Conway was referring to a 1996 visit to Bosnia by Hillary Clinton when she was First Lady. Clinton mistakenly described having to "run into vehicles" with their "heads down" at the Bosnia Airport. Clinton stated that this was necessary because of a sniper attack that was ensuing around the airport when she landed there.

Clinton later retracted this story, stating that she had visited 80 countries as First Lady and that she had "misspoken" when recalling her visit to Bosnia.

McCain reassures Australian ambassador

Meanwhile, Senator John McCain, (R, Ariz.), Senator Bob Corker, (R, Tenn.) and Senator Jack Reed, (D, R.I.), called Austria's ambassador Joe Hockey to reassure him that the United States intends to honor its agreements and working relationship with Australia.

The Senators, concerned about America's long-standing military agreements with Australia, made the call to Hockey after Trump set off a political firestorm in a phone conversation with Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last week. In that phone call, Trump described an earlier agreement between Turnbull and the Obama Administration, as "dumb." In that agreement, the Obama Administration approved Australia's request to send rejected Muslim refugees to the United States. Trump abruptly ended the phone call by hanging up on Turnbull. It remains to be seen what the State Department's position on this sequence of events will be.