Newly sworn President Donald trump, who was warned by former Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev to ban all nuclear war or face dire consequences, has threatened to impose tough sanctions on Iran for launching its first test missile since he took office. The rogue nation, which obviously is testing Trump's resolve, performed the nuclear missile test despite promises by Trump to be tough on any and all countries that defy his orders not to do so. Iran also was defiant of Obama Administration orders not to perform launch tests.

Trump Administration puts Iran "on notice."

Michael Flynn, National Security Advisor for the Trump White House, stated that the Administration had put Iran "on notice." Flynn told NBC News that although the new Iran sanctions being considered are in response to that country's missile launches and increased terrorist activities, that the sanctions would not in any way constitute a violation of the current nuclear deal involving Iran.

No nuclear warhead capability

Conversely, Iran has announced that it does not consider its latest missile launch to be a violation of the current nuclear deal because the missile did not contain a nuclear warhead. How much that claim by the rogue nation will play in the current international stage remains to be seen.

Some observers would say that being able to launch a missile and reach a target are the most important factors in a missile launch, not whether or not a nuclear warhead is mounted on the missile. In other words, the method of delivery is more important to some observers that is what is being delivered.

Launch capability, as some would assert, is just that and whether or not a warhead is affixed to the missile is secondary.

If Iran is able to reach the United States in a missile launch, it will be perceived of as a threat to the United States, even if no nuclear warhead is affixed to the rocket.

A rookie president's first test

Iran has given Trump his first major test on the global thermo-nuclear stage. The jury is still out on whether or not Trump has passed his test.

If Trump follows through on the threatened sanctions and Iran does scale back its missile launches, then he will be perceived of as having "passed" his first test. If, on the other hand, Trump backs off on imposing sanctions, and/or Iran escalates its missile launches, with or without warheads, then Trump will be perceived of as having failed his first global test and credibility as a world leader will be called into question.

McCain's rampage against Trump

Meanwhile, GOP Senator John McCain has gone on the rampage against Trump for his misogyny, his ban of Muslim immigrants, and his overtures to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. McCain, who is joined in his rampage against Trump by fellow GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, was elected to another six-year term in 2016 and will remain a thorn in Trump's side throughout the four-year term to which he was "elected" by Electoral College votes, not the popular vote.