#A Day Without Immigrants has turned into a massive Protest, with not just restaurant and bars but also educational institutions closing.

With the immigrant worker protests today, it's little wonder that schools have shut in protest at Trump's policies.

Across Dallas there were thousands of students were missing, and in other areas such as LA and DC, classrooms were depleted and students were outside protesting.

What does it mean when a country is not looking after its #worker population, a sizable group of people with lives and jobs and families and bills to pay?

The fact is, trump's immigration c policies are hitting undocumented migrants where it hurts

Hundreds of Dallas students in fact walked out on Thursday, underscoring the valuable immigrant contributions to life in the US. More than a thousand Dallas Independent School District scholars headed out of school to protest. Many scholars - some say 400 - walked from #Molina High School whilst at least 700 scholars from 5 elementary or middle schools didn't show.