Michelle Obama is leaving something behind on the lawn of the White House that comes with funds to keep it going for the next 17 years. Donald Trump and his family will enjoy this for the next four years, and possibly the next eight years. After Trump's administration there will be at least two more presidents and their families that will enjoy what Michelle Obama has left behind. The outgoing First Lady has made this a "sexy" trend, claims a woman who helped her break ground.

A green thumb

It is Michelle Obama's vegetable garden that she's leaving behind as a legacy, and what a legacy it is!

According to Magic Valley, Michelle Obama's garden is fully funded for the next 17 years by the Burpee Foundation, which is the sole donor of funds for this garden. This lush green patch is referred to as the White House Kitchen Garden because the fresh produce to come out of this garden makes it to the White House table for the president and his family.

Hint to Donald Trump

It seems that Magic Valley has high hopes that Donald Trump will change his eating habits from taco bowls, fried chicken, and other fast foods once he gets a gander at this garden. They hope he and his family will enjoy the fresh vegetables, which can be seen growing from the president's bedroom. They make it sound like a treasure trove of delicious nutrition just waiting to be devoured.

Fried chicken will never be the same

It would only take about three weeks for someone after they've made a change in their meals to get to the point that fried chicken would no longer taste desirable. They claim that once you've tasted the fresh vegetables out of the White House Kitchen Garden "you can barely even chew fried chicken or any other high fat, high-sodium fast food."

Legacy grows

Sarah Holway was one of the people to join Michelle Obama back in 2009 to break the ground for the new garden on the South Lawn of the White House.

Holway describes how Michelle Obama made gardens so popular in schools, as she talks about the First Lady almost eight years after the first seed was planted in the White House garden. She said that “with Michelle Obama, it became a sexy thing to put gardens in schools."

Holway and her associate, Lauren Shweder Biel, started the organization called DC Greens, which they founded in 2009.

This organization now has has 12 employees working full-time under a multi-million-dollar annual budget. They are "involved in many of the city’s healthful-food access programs, including a training program for school garden coordinators." Michelle Obama started something that has blossomed, and she is leaving quite the legacy on the White House lawn, and beyond.