It's become commonplace for Donald Trump to start his day by using his Twitter account to lash out at his critics. After taking a shot at The New York Times on Saturday morning, Trump was quickly fact-checked.

Trump fact-checked

In a three-part tweet to kick off the weekend, Donald Trump set his sights on one of his favorite media targets; The New York Times. Trump referred to the paper as "failing," while accusing them of having "dwindling subscribers and readers." Not stopping there, the commander in chief criticized the paper for being "dishonest," "false," and "angry," while also taking a cheap shot at The Washington Post in the process.

As seen on Twitter on January 28, The New York Times communications' page had some interesting information to send back to the former host of "The Apprentice."

"@realDonaldTrump Fact check: @nytimes subscribers & audience at all-time highs," The New York Times Communications tweeted out on Saturday morning, before adding, "Supporting independent journalism matters." Donald Trump has made attacking the media part of his MO over the last year and a half, and paper has been at the top of his list.

Donald Trump adopted the nickname "failing" for the paper, which he often used on the campaign trail. Not long after he won the election, Trump met with the paper at their offices in New York City, but after the latest social media battle, it doesn't look like the relationship will be improving.

Trump's media battle

Earlier in the week, Donald Trump praised Fox News for their ratings and coverage of his inauguration, but made sure to attack CNN in the process. Trump accused CNN of having low ratings during Inauguration Day, but the network also fact-checked the president. CNN's Twitter account released a statement, citing Nielsen, which showed that they had nearly identical ratings with Fox News during the inauguration.

Moving forward

It's only been one week with Donald Trump as the new commander in chief, and he's already making major changes. In addition to his attacks on the media, Trump has signed several controversial executive orders, including, but not limited to, starting construction of a border wall, banning Syrian refugees from the United States, and restarting the Keystone XL pipeline.