Tragedy struck early this morning when a family in Texas woke up in their home engulfed by the arsenic vapors of rat poison. Investigators had reported that four children perished and six adults were currently listed in critical condition at a local area hospital.

Aluminium Phosphine in pesticides kills four children

The poisonous substance is known as Phosphine which is one of the main chemical found in pesticides. Aluminium Phosphine as it is commonly called is used to rid homes of the infestation of rodents. Health officials have stated that the banned poison was rigorously tested and deemed unsafe for usage around people with no professional training in poison control.

According to a neighbor of the family who went to visit the home early this morning, the afflicted individuals appeared weak and disoriented. They were told to seek medical help, however, it was too late for one of the younger children who had already succumbed to the poisonous substance. The other three children died after the family was rushed to the nearby Lubbock hospital.

Rat poison kills four Balderas family members

A reporter with WJLA -TV, Channel 7, ABC affiliate reported that the Balderas children were identified as 7 year-old Felipe, 9 year-old Johnnie, 11-year-old Josue and their older sister 17 year-old Yasmeen. The reporter also stated that the father and four more children who were also at the home were now upgraded to stable condition.

However, the medical staff had stated that they are experiencing several side effects such as difficulty eating with one child suffering from serious digestive problems.

The children's mother is currently under strict observation on life support and listed in critical condition. Medical officials had also cautioned 10 individuals who were at the scene this morning.

They were examined and released from the local hospital.

The source of the tragedy was not yet known, but investigators had vowed to launch a thorough and complete investigation into the incident. The Lubbock Police Department along with local Health Department are overseeing the accident. Meanwhile, family and friends of the Balderas Family had set up a GoFundMe page that will help assist the family with care and funeral arrangements for the deceased children.