During Gov. Jerry Brown’s ‘State of the State’ address yesterday, he vowed to fight President Donald Trump on everything from sanctuary cities to climate change and enforcing federal law. He told the Democratic-controlled Legislature that California would not “turn back. Not now, not ever.” Earlier this year, the Legislature hired former U.S. AG Eric Holder to fight its legal battles with the Trump administration, though that may violate the state’s constitution.

Brown also said it was through his policies the Golden State was at the forefront of fighting global warming, noting his state has successfully cut unemployment, reduced the million-dollar deficit, and ramped up school funding.

Brown said that while it’s still unclear how a Trump administration will play out, “there are signs that are disturbing.” And he promised to fight Trump on all fronts, which includes ignoring federal immigration laws.

Billion-dollar deficit

But Republicans in the Legislature note Brown didn’t address issues facing all Californians. Those include “skyrocketing housing costs, declining middle-class jobs prospects and rising violent crime rates.” Worse still, Brown is projecting a $1.6 billion deficit caused by runaway social programs rolled out by the Democratic-controlled Legislature; the Golden State has some of the highest state, local, fuel, and sale taxes in the country.

Under President Obama, California received funding from the federal government to pursue a number of climate change laws. Those included increased fines under the state’s cap-and-trade scheme, electric car subsidies, and regulating cow flatulence and landfill emissions. Trump has signaled a shift away from those policies that most experts say will do little to avert warming.

Insurance for illegals

California also funneled billions of federal dollars to beef up Medi-Cal, the state’s health insurance program for low-income families. With the addition of five million people added under Medi-Cal, the state now relies on federal dollars to stay afloat.

Medi-Cal also provides insurance to illegal immigrants living in the state. Advocates argue that it’s more “humane” than visiting an emergency room, seemingly unmindful they are in the country illegally.

All that could change if Trump suspends funding to states that have sanctuary cities or use federal dollars to fund social programs for illegal immigrants. California has the largest number of sanctuary cities where illegals can find refuge from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). A number of bills in Congress to prevent funding of sanctuary cities are making their way to Trump’s desk.

Left-wing victories

Brown also boasted the state has passed laws to give more protections to illegals living in his state.

Those include giving them access to work permits, driver’s licenses, and even free college education. All that is paid for by state and federal tax dollars.

In addition to getting the Legislature to pass the toughest climate-change legislation in the U.S., Brown also had a year of left-wing triumphs: he raised the state’s minimum wage (forcing small stores to close statewide), made gun laws even stronger, increased family leave time, and got voters to reduce sentencing laws.

He also saved his high-speed bullet train from being rejected at the ballot box. The $64 billion legacy-defining boondoggle has been called the ‘train to nowhere’ and is facing enormous cost overruns that taxpayers outside of California are being forced to pay.