In a fast-moving, tumultuous press conference at Trump Tower on Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump denied that a British spy had uncovered a disparaging information about him which could be used by the Russians to blackmail him. According to allegations that surfaced on Tuesday, a British spy, under the direction of Democratic Party operatives, had discovered that the Russians were planning on blackmailing Trump with information connecting him to a group of prostitutes at a Moscow hotel at the Miss Universe Pageant in 2013.

Trump's blatant denials

Trump, who described actress Meryl Streep as "a Hillary flunky who lost big," (ABC News, 1-9-17), emphatically denied the allegations and in so doing, he tried to invoke humor. Trump stated, "I'm also very much of a germophobe, but the way, believe me," (ABC News, 1-11-17). Apparently Trump was implying that the fact that he is a "germophobe" should validate his claim that he did not have relations with prostitutes while in Moscow during the Miss Universe Pageant.

Trump then continued with his diatribe and emphatically claimed that the allegations against him were a "political witch hunt by some in the media," (ABC News, 1-11-17). Trump then described the accusations against him as "shameful and disgraceful," (ABC News, 1-11-17).

John McCain turns over information to authorities

GOP Senator John McCain, (Ariz.), who has promised U.S. support for NATO during Trump's presidency, told media sources that he had turned over the report from the British spy to the authorities, including the FBI. McCain described the information that he received as "sensitive," and emphasized that he had turned the information over "to the proper authorities," (ABC News, 1-11-17).

The British spy's report included allegations that Trump's aides had undergone two meetings with Russian government agents. It was not immediately clear whether or not the meetings involved blackmail, pay offs, or a "meeting of the minds" in a deal of some kind; however, allegations that Trump was filmed with prostitutes at the Moscow hotel are running rampant.