In a new Info Wars release on YouTube, Alex Jones nearly lost his own words as he grew so heated he had a meltdown, raving about liberal demons and an alleged internal USA Coup. With 16 days for 'globalists" to make their last ditch effort to keep Trump undoing years of their destruction, the threat comes not from the Russians, but from a conspiracy between Saudi Arabia and China and the outgoing democrats to start a war with Russia.

According to Alex, the mainstream media is accused of trying to suppress this, trying to shut up the American people and bring in tyranny.

Following on the Hannity Interview with Assange of Wikileaks, on Tuesday, it seems that just a few weeks before the Trump inauguration, America is reeling under the conspiracies – the fake news conspiracies, the Podesta conspiracies, the Obama conspiracies and more.

While Alex Jones and Wikileaks are trying to make some kind of sense of the whole dirtbag basket that the world perceives American politics to be in 2017, the assumption that someone somewhere is trying to have some type of internal coup is not to be laughed at.

Info Wars says globalists trying to start a war

Alex says their (Globalist) efforts to take down Trump and restore order is down to 16 days, and as the conspiracies are failing they only have 16 days to start a war with the Russians and shut down the free press.

In fact, they are acting as though Trump is not even going to be there. "Trump knows that," says Alex, but there is still good news – as "all 16 intelligencies agencies know exactly whats going on right now. They know the country is on the deathbed if they don't beat these people," said Jones.

The 'Delusionals,' inside the Obama administration and their camp followers need to know there are massive data dumps that make what Wikileaks released before – look ten times worse, he alleged.

What’s in there? According to Alex, - “'Killary” being told what to do by the Chinese president." These include emails, phone calls and courier records and they have had this for decades he says. "In fact, the Clintons are communist agents through Don Tyson. They are Chinese communist agents." Where does this come from? According to Alex Jones, he was told this by defence intelligence, and the CIA.

"They have a plan to double cross America and they thought they had it in play." Alex is emphatic.

Calling the whole game play a war, Alex Jones reminded his audience that he has studied information war. He saw 25 years of the American people being told everything was bad and that the obvious plot was to break them. Now, says Alex a lot of people are coming after the “New World Order,” and the tide is turning. The 'globalists' are planning something big. Warning them directly – Alex said that there is too much leakage, too many people in the know and he said, “make one wrong move now and it’s all gonna be released.” He also mentioned that most people are scared to get up on air and say all this, but "I will tell you what is going on and believe me the Whitehouse is listening.


Meltdown leaves Alex speechless

His Meltdown rant, almost had Alex speechless as he described them as demons and horrible little creatures. He explained that the days of the FBI showing up to shut everyone down are over as more in the intelligence agencies turn towards wanting to fully re-adopt Americana. "We are restoring America, and Russia knows that and they are doing everything they can to stop a war happening. Sure the Chinese may start a war in the next 16 days. They (Obama et al) are giggling – going 'he’s not in yet.'" Then Alex turned on Michael Moore, saying "Listen, Micheal Moore, you piece of cr*p – stop sitting around like you're a master villain, That’s Soros. This is a bunch of Hollywood people playing god."

After a commercial break - Alex reappeared and explained how Google and other social media are trying to stop everyone from knowing the real truth.

Watch Alex on Info Wars in the video below