The reaction Americans have after seeing celebrities who meet Trump -- Steve Harvey being the recent one -- have in themselves been controversial. But then neither man is a stranger to controversy, especially Mr. Harvey who is currently under scrutiny for a statement he made about Asian men. The similarities between the comedian and the President-elect are that they both have ben accused of saying inflammatorily racist things.

Like many celebrities, Steve Harvey supported Hillary Clinton last year and was very vocal about Trump as recently as December.

Some of the reports about the recent meeting refer to the controversy about "The Steve Harvey Show" host making what many consider to be a comment at the expense of Asian men, in his aggressively assertive style, for laughs. He has also been attacked for apparently having prepared questions for Hillary Clinton for an interview he conducted with the Democratic candidate on his radio show.

Steve Harvey inspired by President Obama's speech about Democracy

Steve Harvey says that his meeting with Trump on Friday was due words of encouragement by his friend President Obama.

It was because of this that he made an effort to sit and talk with Trump in order to move the country forward. The comic says that both transition teams also encouraged him to meet with Trump, but during President Obama's farewell speech this week, the outgoing president expressed the conflicts of debate that take place on social media, suggesting that the American people engage with each other in a more productive way.

Afterward, Mr. Harvey expressed on Twitter that he felt the meeting was a productive one and that Trump seemed to genuinely want to help people. He also says that when he sat with Trump that he got his nominee for Secretary of the Hud program Dr. Ben Carson on the phone, to start a dialog on how they can develop the housing programs to help inner city communities.

Steve Harvey has been an advocate for helping such communities and said after his meeting that he would sit with Trump anytime.

The similarities between Carson and Harvey

According to one report by the "Chicago Sun-Times", both the President-elect and Ben Carson intentionally reached out to Steve for the help. Both the comedian and Carson appear to have a similar ideology that family values are most important in helping those in black communities enrich their lives. It was not clear as to how they were going to try and help the inner cities but Mr.

Harvey did mention that among Detroit, Chicago, and Cleveland that they were going to try and do something with all of the major inner cities to bring change and help out young people.

Dr. Ben Carson has been in hearings this week for the Trump administration, where he was asked by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) if he would continue to support any programs if it happened that they would benefit Trump financially. It would appear that Dr. Carson had trouble directly answering the question, leaving many with doubt that he would prevent it from happening or that it would not be his responsibility.

Steve Harvey deals with Trump's press

After appearing in front of reporters at Trump Tower, Steve was "abandoned" by Trump who left Harvey behind to deal with press questions.

This follows the President-elect's clash this week with his first press conference in months, where he attacked them for being "unfair" in their coverage of him. Steve Harvey was asked if he was jumping into politics with this meeting. He joked that he would not pass the background check. But this too would likely not hinder him as it's widely reported that Trump's nominees have been able to get hearings this week, despite not completing the vetting process. Reporters asked Steve Harvey if he would consider having the Trumps on Family Feud, perhaps against the Obamas or even the Clintons. After Steve Harvey's meet with Trump, he admitted that it would be great for ratings.