In a cruel and brazen attack, a 61-year-old man lost his life on Thursday! The San Francisco Police Department has reported the murder, which took place in broad daylight on a busy street in San Francisco, California.

Helpless man beaten to death by five attackers

The man was attacked and beaten to death by four or five attackers who were witnessed pummeling blows on the helpless man.Officer Robert Rueca, in a statement, said that the accident happened about 3.30 p.m., in the Tenderloin located between O’farrell and Larkin Streets.

According to law enforcement officials, robbery may have played a role in the beating; however, they would launch a thorough investigation into the matter, to find the motive of the heinous crime.

The body of the victim was taken to the San Francisco morgue and later identified by the medical examiner overseeing the autopsy. The victim was identified as Gabriel Ramirez, a resident of San Francisco.

Police need help to solve Gabriel Ramirez murder

The police stated that it seems the man was walking alone by himself when he was attacked and beaten to death. An emergency call was placed to the 911 emergency hotline by several onlookers who called to report the incident. However, by the time the police arrived Ramirez with several visible bruises and lacerations to his body was already unconscious.

First responders to the scene quickly rendered assistance to Ramirez and quickly transported him to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead by a medical doctor.

Witness to San Francisco daylight murder

A manhunt was launched by the San Francisco Police, seeking witnesses to come forward and provide information that will lead to the identity of the attackers. The police are hoping that they can locate video surveillance cameras in the area that can help them find the criminals involved in the brutal beating.

The lawmen are asking anyone with information to come forward stating that the public’s involvement can help them piece together the mystery that resulted in Ramirez losing his life. Anyone with information is urged to call and leave an anonymous tip at (415) 575-4444.