Christmas has come and gone leaving a void in the holiday department when people really need something to smile about. New Year’s Eve could have been the celebration to fill that void but Mariah Carey had to go and mess that up for everyone with her schizophrenic Times Square performance. No need to get down in the dumps though, because this Sunday it’s National Bubble Bath Day.

Mr. Bubble

Every year on Jan. 8th people everywhere celebrate National Bubble Bath Day. Bubble baths provide soothing comfort to millions of people each year all across the globe, and also have the added benefit of keeping the water in your tub warmer for a longer period of time because of the insulating effect of the bubbles.

One of the most popular bubble bath products in the United States, “Mr. Bubble”, was founded in 1961 by Harold Schafer and the Gold Seal Company in North Dakota. The Mr. Bubble brand is iconic, and it has been featured in films and television like “Family Guy”, “The Simpsons”, and the movie “Ed”.

Bubble bath recipe

Bubble baths are a wonderful way of winding down after a hard day’s work, but what if you don’t have any at home? Well, here is a simple recipe for bubble bath liquid to make from common products you find around the household. To make this recipe all you need to do is mix one cup of baby oil, a half cup of honey, a half cup of unscented hand soap or unscented shampoo, and one tablespoon of vanilla extract or peppermint extract into an empty bottle then shake well.

Pour the homemade solution into a warm bath then sit down and soak up all the fragrant relaxation while the bubbles keep you company.

National Bubble Bath Day only comes once a year so make sure you celebrate it right. Considering the frigid temperatures sweeping across America, this holiday couldn’t have come at a better time.

A couple of candles, a good book, and a nice bottle of wine would compliment a holiday like this one beautifully. So whether you make your own bubble bath solution using the recipe above, use store bought liquids, or bath melts, take time out for yourself this Sunday and soak in the holiday.