It's hard to believe that 10 days into his term, President Trump has turned the country upside down. America watched in horror as an Iranian 5-year-old boy clung to his mother after being separated for hours while the authorities detained them as part of President Donald Trump's Muslim ban. The ban has been partially halted for the time being.

Social media reacted to the Muslim ban

Donald Trump issued an executive order which barred immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States. Social media exploded when a video of a 5-year-old reuniting with his mother surfaced.

The most shocking part of the story was the claim that the boy was separated from his mother for hours while being questioned. They were released after the Federal Court temporarily halted the Muslim ban.

America immediately reacted to the Muslim ban by organizing a series of protests at airports all across the country. Many people supported Trump's ban; however, many Americans felt that it was harsh to include residents and people with visas as part of the Muslim ban.

Is there a reason to separate a child from their mother?

Trump claimed that the reason for the ban was to prevent terrorists from coming into the country.

Many people questioned this idea after seeing the video and pictures of the tyke being kept from his mother while they waited for the courts to halt the ban.

If you feel sick to your stomach about the terror this child felt, you aren't alone. According to Fusion, many people on Twitter voiced their opinions about how morally wrong it was to separate this scared child from his mother.

What's next for the Muslim ban?

President Trump has stated that he has no plans of backing down and will explore ways to ensure his Muslim ban is enforced. it looks like it will be just another issue the American people will be at odds with Trump over.

How do you feel about the Department of Immigration detaining a 5-year-old away from his mother for hours? Do you agree with the controversial ban?