Whether millions of Americans like it or not, Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton and is the new president-elect. Despite this, some will always remember Trump as one of the leading voices of the birther movement, though that conspiracy appears to be coming back to haunt him.

Trump birther

Even before President Obama was elected president back in 2008, conspiracy theories originating on the far right questioned whether or not he was a legal citizen. After defeating Sen. John McCain, Obama became the first African-American president in the nation's history.

With that honor came skepticism from a conservative base that was unwilling to accept his leadership. Known as "birthers," this movement claimed that Obama was born in Kenya, and had used a fake birth certificate to get into office. This conspiracy was easily debunked on more than one occasion, but Trump gave it a loud voice that stayed with him through the campaign season. As reported by Mediaite on November 13, it looks like the tables are about to be turned.

Citing a report from The Times of Israel on Sunday, a new conspiracy has started to circulate that Trump is not an American citizen, and therefore, isn't eligible to become president.

The original report can be traced back to earlier in the year by a Pakistani news outlet known as Neo News. The report claims that Trump was actually born in Pakistan, but became an orphan after his parents were killed in a tragic car accident. At this point, the conspiracy claims the former host of "The Apprentice" was then taken to London, where he was adopted by his new American family, the Trumps.

There has been know further confirmation to the story, though The Times of Israel are defending their reporting, and note that a side-by-side image of Trump and his alleged younger self is credible proof. The Trump campaign have yet to comment.

Moving forward

Unless the aforementioned conspiracy somehow becomes proven true, Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States this January. As Trump continues to announce members of his new cabinet, only time will tell in what direction the country goes.