Kids taking part in a dare on the railroad tracks is a dangerous and potentially deadly trend today and one that every parent should know about, reports "Fox and Friends" on Monday morning. This is a deadly craze that entails kids lying down and letting a train pass over them while someone films this dare that ends up on social media. This is a dare seen all around the world today with teens and some call it the "Train Game."

Looking through the YouTube postings, this is not a new deadly dare, as over the last five years or so people have been filmed doing this.

Today it is a trend kids are participating in all over the nation and just the thought of it is disturbing.

Not child's play

According to The Drum, laying down on the railroad tracks and letting a train pass over you is one dangerous stuntsthat was seen in an ad for a competition held by MTV while promoting the film "Nerve." Those who entered this competition were directed to choose a dare and share it on the social media site for MTV.

Competition ad draws outrage

Cash prizes were offered for regular people to share their videos that showed them undertaking a dare. Clips of people jumping off a cliff into the ocean and a guy hanging off a crane are seen in the ad. A woman who put a ladder between the tops of two buildings and then walked across that dangerous path was another clip seen in the MTV ad.

These were also clips in the movie promo.

A guy speeding through a red light on a motorcycle and folks on skateboards hanging onto a moving vehicle were also among the clips taken from the movie and shown online. Then there was the guy laying down on the tracks as a train passed over him, according to The Belfast Telegraph.

To get an idea of what this Train track dare looks like, check out the clip below that was posted to YouTube.

Deadly dares

Needless to say the ad promoting this competition sparked outrage for encouraging acts that came with a deadly risk. The ad shows all these antics and encourages folks to film their own dare and then post it on the MTV social media site.

You can get an idea of the different dares people are doing from the movie in the trailer for "Nerve" below.

Ad finally banned

The MTV commercial was first moved to the post-9 p.m. slot due to this outrage. This was done to keep kids from viewing the ad, but the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) stepped in and banned the MTV ad altogether.

Dangerous social media challenges

The ASA said that that the ad gave the impression that some of these scenes of people doing the dangerous dares were filmed using a mobile phone. The ASA also felt that this ad was tapping into the "ongoing trend in youth culture" of these challenges popping up online and pre-teens and teens partaking in these deadly dares.

This was seen with two other recent viral dares online, the "Cinnamon Challenge" and "Neknominate."

As "Fox and Friends" mentioned this morning, more incidents of kids lying down on the railroad tracks as a train passes over them are seen today and they want parents to be aware of this. The dare on the railroad tracks can turn deadly in a moment.

This is a dare or a game that has been seen in other countries in the past few years. The Daily Mail reports on an Italian teen who filmed himself laying beneath a moving train and getting up without a scratch on him. He was lucky because just one slight move can mean death or injury. Teens have got up from this game missing fingers, as explained in the below video.

In Columbia they call it the "Train Game" and it is so prevalent with the nation's teens that the country has started a program to stop this. You can see the dangers of this horrific game on the video below.