Why should a 10-year-old child's schooling dictate the president's living arrangements? This and other questions are swirling around online coming from people who are 'appalled' that Barron and Melania Trump aren't coming to the White House with the president-elect in January.

Their lack of wanting to follow Donald Trump to Washington is also bringing up questions about their marriage today. Of course there is always someone who will find something wrong with even the most mundane task if it has to do with Donald Trump. It has been this way since he stepped on the campaign trail.

White House is for First Family

Donald Trump ran for president, supposedly with the blessing of his wife and family. People want to know when it was that they finally realized a win would entail a move for the First Family? Some social media users are citing the "decades" of school-aged kids living in the White House and how well they did.

Today people want to know what makes Barron Trump any different? Pamela Benbow, a social media user, writes that "Melania Trump's decision is appalling." Another social media user asks if for some reason the Trumps didn't realize that the First Family is expected to move to Washington and into the White House?

Other kids did it

Chelsea Clinton moved into the White House at 12 and Malia Obama was 10 with her sister Sasha being just seven when they moved into the White House with their dad, President Obama.

Chelsea, Malia and Sasha are just three of the kids who were uprooted from school, but did fine. Many people believe the First Family belongs in the White House where they are safe and the president is close to all that is going on.

Melania Trump indicated that while she supported her husband 100 percent in his endeavor to become the 45th president of the nation, her first priority will be Barron.

She is staying in NYC so Barron can continue on with the school he is in. The BBC refers to this as the First Lady "snub" of the White House.

Part-time First Lady?

With Melania not moving into the White House, some American's are concerned that she won't be taking on the full-time role of First Lady as the women who have carried that title before her have done.

According to the BBC, the First Lady has traditionally been the White House hostess and she's attended functions as the First Lady with or without her husband, the president.

Michele Obama took on a bigger role and worked with causes that she felt were important. One was her school lunch program, much to the dismay of school children nationwide. She kicked off "Let Girls Learn" along with other initiatives and programs.

Barron would do just fine?

Now that the nation has learned the White House won't be a family affair, many are asking if Melania is doting on Barron too much by not moving him to a new school in Washington? Folks across the social media sites are split on this subject. Some point out how well the children of past presidents fared in life after their stay in the White House, and still there are folks who continue to applaud Melania for keeping Barron in his school and not disrupting his life.

White House optional?

Is it time for the White House to become optional, or should moving in be one of the requirements of the First Family? The BBC asks if Melania's choice of not moving to Washington is an "appalling" situation or "good parenting."

Another problem with Barron staying in NYC for school is that Trump Tower is under so many safety precautions that it is mucking up the traffic in the area. The stores in that area are not seeing the holiday shoppers in the masses they usually do, as people are steering clear of all the traffic jams. Not to mention the cost to the city to guard Trump Tower.