Barron Trump lived quietly in the gilded tower built by his billionaire dad until he was suddenly thrust into the limelight as the youngest son of the president-elect. After years of being shielded by his mom, Melania Trump, he is now the center of attention as soon as he steps out the door of their home in Trump Tower.

Up until the Trump candidacy was about half-way through its journey, Barron was rarely seen in public. His mother tried to give Barron as much as a normal childhood as possible and that entailed keeping him out of the view of the cameras.

Now as the son of the president-elect, keeping him under wraps is almost an impossible feat.

'Little Donald Trump'

The first thing that strikes you about Barron is his dashing good looks and his uncanny resemblance to his dad, Donald Trump. Melania calls her son "Little Donald" because he's the mirror image of his dad both in looks and personality. The world got their first pro-long look at Barron at the Republican Convention and again on election night as his dad was named president-elect.

Big boy attire

AOL suggests that the 10-year-old son of Donald and Melania Trump was entertaining during his November 16 appearance on stage with his dad who was just elected the next U.S. president. Melania has said in various interviews that Barron is not a sweatshirt kind of kid.

He is more at home in a suit, a polo shirt and sometimes even a tie, much like the attire his dad wears.

Entertaining antics

While Barron might look like a mini Donald Trump on stage with his suit and tie, he is still a 10-year-old kid. The night of the election the young son of the president-elect was seen rolling his eyes when his dad was talking about parenting.

This was the description given by AOL News. They also reported that Barron broke into a slow, methodical clap after his father mentioned his deceased parents looking down on him today and how much he had learned from his mother and father.

One tired kid

AOL describes Barron's clapping "sub-standard claps." Some folks found Barron's "lackluster affection" for his dad's new gig very entertaining.

At 10-years-old America was watching this kid who was exhausted at the event that left him still standing on stage at 3 a.m.. This was a long day for an adult, never mind a kid!

Another popular president's son

Barron has been compared to JFK's young son John Kennedy, who was the last young boy to move into the White House. John wooed the crowds with his little boy antics, and he was a favorite of the crowds that came from far and wide to see JFK speak at his many engagements.

The youngest Trump son is also the first son to live in the White House since John Kennedy; that is if he ever does move in with his mom. The latest reports have Melania and Barron living in Trump Towers for the remaining of Barron's school year.

Melania will travel to the White House as needed.

Life in Trump Tower

A few things have been revealed about Barron's lifestyle starting with him having his own entire floor of his parent's penthouse in Trump Towers. He is allowed to draw on walls, according to Chron.

At 10, Barron is bound to be a favorite of the American public and AOL suggests he is on the way to making "a big name of his own." According to, Barron has only appeared three times on the campaign trail because Melania does not want his life disrupted any more than it has to be.