'The Miller Girl' listening experience

For duo Steve Hussey and Jake Eddy, the listening experience that they've crafted on "The Miller Girl" is one that borrows from a plethora of genres and influences en route to the pair distinctly crafting their own, unique, blended sound. As the album opener, "Little Shove" kicks things off with banjo and up-tempo drums. That touch of Bluegrass influence makes way for a vocal that recalls something from the mid-90's and Post-Grunge era. This by itself is an interesting mix of styles, like The Wallflowers or Soul Asylum meets Bluegrass, with a touch of Americana and Country.

As the follow-up track, "Into The Ether" is easily a standout track early on. Though the signature banjo sound is present, it's nowhere near as prevalent as it was in the opener. This particular track sounds much more like something from the mid-90's Rock scene. For any listeners that are a fan of this particular period of music history, this track is going to be very nostalgic. A touch of Screaming Trees melded with Days Of The New, and Tonic.

"The Miller Girl" is Miller Gold

The album overall is a masterwork in terms of song craft, execution, and production value. Whether or not you consider yourself a fan of Bluegrass, Country, or Americana, this duo have crafted something that casts a very wide net in terms of mass appeal.

There is a perfect balance of everything throughout, so you never feel like you're listening to anything "too Country," "too Bluegrass," or too "Rock." All of these elements and genres are brought together in such a way that it can bring all of these listeners together without one genre or style ever overshadowing another. This is where the album finds its sweet spot, in the pocket where all the genres cross and come together.

Overall, "The Miller Girl" is a solid record that will surprise a good portion of the listening public when it becomes available on November 22nd, 2016. In the meantime, you can find a number of acoustic, live performances on the Steve Hussey Music Facebook page.