With the final 2016 Presidential Debate only hours away, there's one person who is sure Donald Trump will become the next president of the U.S. despite the outcome of tonight's face-off. Donald Trump can crash in the polls and Hillary Clinton can condemn him all she wants to, but from the November elections you will see a President Donald Trump emerge, according to the highly respected professor who is making the headlines today.

Will Trump blow it?

Trump supporters will be on the edge of theirseat during the final 2016 Presidential Debate tonight hoping the GOP candidate doesn't blow it, but according to Allan Lichtman's method, it doesn't matter how Trump fares.

Lichtman is ahistory professor at American University and he has 100% accuracy at predicting 30 years of political elections.

Lichtman doesn't use a crystal ball or play with Tarot cards, his method is very scientific. With his track record over the last three decades, folks are taking notice of what he has to say during this campaign period.

13 Keys to the White House

The professor has correctly predicted the winner of the last eight presidential elections using a method he devised called "13 Keys to the White House." He created this system after studying the presidential elections dating back to 1860 and he found a pattern. This pattern can be used to predict the outcome of a presidential race.

From that pattern, Lichtman devised his system that uses a list of true and false statements, which allows him to correctly predict the outcome. The questions have a lot to do with the sitting administration and if folks want more or don't want more of what this administration has offered.

Tough one to predict

He does say that the 2016 presidential election has been one of the hardest to predict, but never the less, he has made his prediction and that would be Trump!

To get this prediction, Lichtman assigns a true or a false to each of the statements on a list. The statements include factors such as short-term and long-term economy, the incumbent charisma and challenger charisma, scandal in the incumbent party, military failure in the incumbent administration and whether or not there's a significant third party making headway.

His prediction also hangs on other statements that make upthe13 statements in all, like whether or not there's social unrest or if the policy changes by the incumbent administration brings major changes. His true and false assignments to these questions this year have put Donald Trump as the winner of the 2016 Presidential election.

150 years of candidates

From 1984 to 2012 these "13 Keys to the White House" have been a fool-proof method at predicting the outcome of every presidential election, but will they prove accurate this time around? Lichtman said that in 2008 President Obama had charisma and that is not something that Hillary Clinton has going for her today.

Even if you don't like Trump, you have to admit he has charisma, look at the numbers of people who flock to his rallies.

Lichtman does ad that while Donald Trump has emerged as the winner from these keys, he may very well shatter the pattern of presidential elections dating back to 1860, according to the Washington Post.

Trump makes things up as he goes along, making him the first "serial fabricator" running for president, according to Lichtman. He is the first candidate who "incited violence" in a "thinly disguised way" against an opponent. Trump is also the first candidate who has "embraced" a "murderous hostile foreign dictator" as a "role model."

Will Trump break the patterns?

These are not the typical patterns of any candidate that Lichtman has studied for this method of the "13 Keys to the White House." Trump may just break the patterns that have been there for more than 150 years in the history of presidential elections and there's always that chance he may lose the election despite all the indicators that put him as the winner. Come November 8, the factual winner will emerge!