Donald Trump has yet to receive the endorsement of a major newspaper in this country, even those newspapers conservative, right-leaning ones like the Arizona Republic and The Cincinnati Enquirer. The Arizona newspaper has never endorsed a Democrat over a Republican in its 126-year history of publication until one Donald Trump came along. In summary, the newspaper said Trump "is not conservative and he is not qualified."

Newspapers across country endorse Hillary, warn against Trump

The Cincinnati newspaper wrote "there is only one choice when we elect a president in November: Hillary Clinton." And now, the parent of both newspapers, the USA TODAY, is breaking tradition in endorsing Hillary Clinton and giving dire warnings about Donald Trump who they say is "unfit" and he "lacks temperament, knowledge, steadiness and honesty" to be president.

The consensus with the USA TODAY Editorial Board was unanimous, saying that Trump has abandoned fundamental principals and commitments in place since the end of World War II, for example, unconditional support for NATO in Europe, strong opposition to Russian aggression and an unwavering commitment to honoring our national debt. This was a reference to a Trump statement that the national debt could be paid with pennies on the dollar; much like is done in business. However, economists blast such an idea as one that would bring about worldwide collapse in financial markets.

Trump has expressed deep admiration for world dictators like Vladimir Putin and has also said we would be better off withSaddam Hussein in Iraq andMuammar Gaddafi in Libya. Yesterday Trump bashed and trashed one of the most admired and respected world leaders in Germany's ChancellorAngela Merkel.

Trump unfit and ill-equipped

In conclusion, the USA TODAY said Trump is erratic, ill-equipped to be commander-in-chief, traffics in prejudice, had a checkered business career and speaks recklessly in being a serial liar. Not a pretty picture. The USA TODAY editorial expressed reservations about Hillary Clinton too. In the end, the newspaper said, "By all means vote, just not for Donald Trump."