Is that an angel on top of the tribute light beam at the 9-11 memorial? Many photos were taken of the 9-11 beam of light at the memorial event this year, but one Jersey City man caught something extra at the top of that beam. The picture has gone viral across social media sites and many are calling the apparition an angel. The freelance photographer, Rich McCormack, believes what he captured resembles the image of Jesus.

Angel or Jesus?

McCormack said he took many different shots of the beam of light coming up from the World Trade Center site and only one of his pictures offered up this entity.

People today believe that the apparition illuminated by the Tribute in Lightis a sign from God and they are quite taken aback by the photo.

Someone is looking down on us?

When McCormack first posted the picture he also said that this was not Photoshopped or altered by any means. In the above tweet you can see the original photo and then the enlarged version next to it. Whether folks see an angelor Jesus in the picture, many agree that it appears as some type of religious message.

Some people were so awestruck by this image that they have posted online how they are now true believers in something bigger than us being harbored in the heavens.

The 9-11 tragedy took the lives of 2,996 people, so the site alone is a powerful and spiritual place.

A message for those who lost someone?

A woman who lost her children in the 9-11 attack became "overwhelmed" when seeing this photo, reports The Daily Mail. Her name is Yvette Cid and she shared that she had lost her two sons in the tragedy.

Cid said that she believes this is for everyone who has lost someone, she calls it a sign from above.

What was that above the beam?

Many are saying the same thing today when commenting on the story from the Daily Mail. "It is a sign from God," or "it's a reminder the Lord is with us," people commented. Still the naysayers came out and offered up their thoughts on the image, with some suggesting the government put a hologram of a religious nature on top of the 9-11 beam of light.