In less than two months, Americans will head to the polls and cast their vote for the 45th President of the United States. With many voters still undecided about who they will support on Election Day, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took part in a special town-hall event to help appeal to those Americans.

Trumpon ISIS

Ever since announcing his candidacy for president last June, Trump has often found himself involved in a wide range of controversy. One issue that many potential voters have with the billionaire real estate mogul is his apparent arrogance in how quick he believes he could rid the world of Islamic terrorist groups like the Islamic State (ISIS).

This was just one issue that was highlighted when Trump sat down with moderator Matt Lauer during the September 7 "Commander in Chief forum" on NBC.

Right off the bat, Lauer read a previous comment from Trump which was quoted, "I know more about ISIS than the generals do, believe me." When asked if he still believes that, Trump elaborated. "The generals under the Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the generals have not been successful," Trump said. When Lauer once again attempted to get a straight answer, Trump responded with a similar answer, saying that the generals under Obama and Clinton "have been reduced to rubble." The billionaire real estate mogul then went back into the past, claiming that former General Patton is "spinning in his grave" because of the rise of ISIS.

When Trump was asked by a member of the audience to elaborate on his plan to take out ISIS, the former host of "The Apprentice" continued his previous policy proposal to "bomb the hell out of the oil fields" that ISIS controls.

"If we would've taken the oil, you wouldn't have ISIS," Trump said, explaining "You just leave a certain group behind and you would take various sections where they take the oil." In an odd turn of events, Trump would then go on to praise controversial Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who he referred to as a "great leader."

Election impact

Trump's lack of detail when it comes to foreign policy appear to be in line with much of his rhetoric from the campaign trail.

Though Trump's style worked during the GOP primary, he's failed to be as successful in the general election. According to the latest rolling average from Real Clear Politics, Trump is trailing Clinton by just under five points on a national level.