In an apparent effort to entice Bernie Sanders’ supporters, Hillary Clinton blamed climate change for Hurricane Hermine, the first hurricane to hit Florida since 2005. At a rallyyesterday in Tampa, Florida, Clinton warned that more storms like Hermine were on the horizon despite all indicators pointing in the opposite direction. For those wondering if Clinton would be President Obama’s third term, putting the climate above the stalled economy is further proof of her priorities.

At the rally, Clinton railed: “Another threat to our country is climate change.

2015 was the hottest year on record, and the science is clear. It’s real. It’s wreaking havoc on communities across America. Last week’s hurricane was another reminder of the devastation that extreme weather can cause, and I send my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by Hermine.” You can view the clip in full here:

No, 2015 wasn’t the hottest year ever

First, 2015 was a warm year because of a strong, naturally occurring El Niño, which elevated temperatures worldwide. It was also not the hottest year on record because the 1930s is still the reigning champ for hottest years since recordkeeping began in the mid-1800s. Since 2000, there has been no statistical warming as acknowledged by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) last assessment report, numerous journal articles, and 37 years of satellite temperature records.

Climate experts have noted there has also been no increase in extreme weather events, which include long-term droughts, heavy floods, accelerated sea level rise, more tornadoes, and specifically, hurricanes. In fact, Hermine didn’t break the 11-year hurricane drought in the United States. No major hurricane—category 3 or higher—has made landfall since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

And the first to strike Florida was Hurricane Wilma in October 2005, which devolved into a category 2 after it made landfall.

Hurricane hyperbole

Hermine, which peaked briefly as a category 1 hurricane before reaching land near St.

Marks, Florida, quickly devolved into a tropical depression as the storm flitted across Georgia and into the Atlantic Ocean. All the computer models projected a long-lasting, devastating storm over the busy Labor Day weekend up and down the East Coast. These are the same computer models predicting our climate in 75 years.

Labor Day weekend a bust

Because Hermine was such a rare happenstance after enjoying over a decade without a hurricane hitting Florida, the media covered it like it was an ‘unnatural’ event. Couple that with the pessimistic (and wrong) forecasts, and many people abandoned their Labor Day weekend getaways.Millions stayed at home and coastal hotels stayed largely vacant. But major hurricanes should be occurring much more often even in a non-warming world.

The warm ocean water is their fuel, but this drought has been long-running and persistent.

Hillary’s fundraising gambit

More troubling, while Hermine was forecasted to impact Long Island and New York’s long expanse of coastline, Clinton was busily fundraising in the Hamptons, which was directly in Hermine’s path. But with hundreds of millions (of dollars) at stake, even Clinton gambled it wouldn’t be a soaker. She also unveiled her new jet, which she took to Tampa rail for ‘gun control’ and ‘climate change.'

If Clinton was truly concerned about the climate, she would not have unveiled a new charter jet (a Boeing 737) before heading to Tampa.

Instead, she should have flown to Louisiana to bring much-needed attention the flood victims. But it’s not a battleground state so why should Clinton, as Louisiana's The Advocate noted, bother to visit their flood-ravaged state? Whether it’s talking points or actual beliefs, the facts are rarely on Hillary’s side.