china - According to Asia News, amid tensions in China due to the countries opposed to their man-made islands in the south China sea, tensions grow even more extreme as the Vatican received word that the Pope placed bishop was arrested in the communist country. The regime has long allowed only bishops approved by Communist state officials to serve in its territory, even if such bishops have officially been appointed by the Vatican. This comes as a blow to the catholic church in China due to the shortage of bishops in the country.

Many are appalled by the decision to arrest the cleric as protests are estimated as a likely backlash for the decision.

However, this does not come as a shock to the churches in China due to the crackdown on religion in the region. Many actions of the Chinese government has put the whole world on alarm status.

Communist China

China, being one of the few remaining communist countries in the world, frowns upon a religion of any kind. Atheism reigns in this country and has been that way for centuries. Wenzhou, where 120,000 Catholics reside, has been coined "little Jerusalem," and is the province where the catholic bishop is being held. Many members of the church in Wenzhou mourn for two bishops today instead of one. Religion is considered a Crime in China unless authorized by the government.

Wenzhou, China

Wenzhou, along with many other providences, has been targeted for much Christian persecution by arresting them and demolishing their churches.

In many in images floating around the internet, you can see crosses being torn off the tops of churches and some even being torn down for various reasons.

Incident compared to ancient Rome

According to scholars, the persecution of Christians in China is getting almost as bad as ancient Rome. Some even say it has already reached that point.

The incident was said to be due to the celebration of the death of a local bishop said officials, and the arrest of the new one was made to keep the peace during the funeral. Authorities are allowing around 400 worshipers to celebrate mass at the funeral, but the members of the underground churches are banned from attending.