A video leaked on the internet shows Irv Gotti and his girlfriend Ashley Martelle on Snapchat in a compromising act. His girlfriend went on Instagram to defend herself. Ashely stated that the video is old and she asked her Twitter followers if there is a way that she can take legal action against the people that hacked her account. She has since deleted those tweets. Some on Twitter believe that the leak was intentional.

Irv Gotti and Ashley Martelle video

Her Instagram page (ashleymartelle) states the following “Everyone makes mistakes and I'm working on fixing things and making everything right.

It was an old video and I hope everyone can move on from this. The last time I was hacked they were trying to get people to send them money.. I'm reconsidering all my social media accounts because of this and it's just not worth it.” The model also states that she has been dealing with hacking of her Snapchat and emails on a regular basis. She stated that she is embarrassed over the incident and is considering shutting down all her accounts. Ashley Martelle is a former Taz Angel and has since left and moved on with Irv Gotti. Ashley Martelle is still trying to remove the video where she can.

Irv Gotti biography

Irv was born in New York and is a Dominican American.

He has three children and has been dating Ashley Martelle recently. He founded The Inc with his brother Chris Gotti, it was known as Murder, Inc; however they changed the name after legal issues. He produced Jay-Z's "Can I Get A...", Ja Rule's "Holla Holla" and DMX's "What's My Name?". He has an estimated net worth of $15 million.

During the 90’s his record label was responsible for many hits through Ja Rule and Ashanti who sold millions of albums and singles during that era.The Inc came under investigation for allegedly laundering money through the label for New York City drug kingpin Kenneth "Supreme" who has beef with 50 cent. Irv denied all charges and recently asked President Obama to release Supreme who is a well known dealer in New York.