Did you know, that according to new research, only four out of ten African Americans strongly support Black Lives Matter? These days it is hard to pick out who is right and who is wrong. The world is plunged into chaos and darkness. So many different movements have emerged over the past few years that the average Americandoes not know what side to take. The Black Lives Matter Movement or "BLM" is one of those movements. Is the BLM doing good or have they become just another group driven by racism?

Seattle Washington.

In the News on Monday, a coalition of the BLM group called for criminal justice reforms and reparations for America's part in the slavery of the African American race starting in the year 1619, to harvest the Tobacco crop that North America held so dear.

The demands were issued only days before the second anniversary of the Micheal Brown murder.Micheal Brown was murdered two years ago in FergusonMissouri by a white police officer. According to sources, 50 percent of all people shot by Police are white Americans. So who is right? Are the BLM members right or are the Media statistics right?

Who Exactly is Black LivesMatter?

The Black Lives Matter movement is a raciallybased group, founded in 2012 after the Trayvon Martin murder that year. After George Zimmerman was acquittedof the murder, African Americansstill remembered Young Trayvon's death and his family was in shambles. They could not accept the fact that Trayvon was put on trial for his own murder.

This was when the Black Lives Matter movement was born. Or was it?

What are the BLM goals?

Most do not know what the racially driven group is after, but they say they want equal treatment when encountering the police. According to the group, African Americanswho are stopped by the police all across America, feel they are treated with prejudice.

Their first agenda, as mentioned earlier, is to have reparations for the slavery of African Americans so long ago.

BLM under scrutiny.

According to the media, most demonstrations held by the group produces negative results. For this reason, activists and scholars alike say that the BLM is facing the same challenges that the protesting steelworkers faced in the 19th century, The Gay activists were blindsided with the aids epidemic in the 80's, and the Wall Street demonstrationsof 2011.

The public and conspiracy theorists painted a picture that threatened their existenceover something they could not control, such as rogue activists going their own way and committingcrimes that the movement itself could not stop.

Blue lives matter.

According to reports, most of the officers that were slain were innocent of any prejudiceand biases. Blue Lives Matter is a statement by law enforcement all across the country that states that Police lives matter just as much as black lives, which is true. Most people that maintain that "all lives matter", are subject to mistreatment from their peers. For example, on Thursday, July 28th, A student of the University of Houstontweeted that "äll lives matter," offending her Black peers.

This must stop in order to accomplish what the BLM sets out to change.

In conclusion,racism is an ongoing problem in the world today. Either side that we choose has its protesters. In order for a movement to do any good, they must first "practice what they preach". Many movements want their own way and really do not care about other people's opinions, but we all are human and we all have an opinion. Logic has it, that if everyone stops and sees the opposition's point of view, we may see a break in the cloud of negativity.